Using the FWProcessRuntime API

Last published at: February 8th, 2024

The FWProcessRuntime API manages all runtime operations such as managing process instances.


Creating the FWProcessRuntime Object

FWProcessRuntime oRuntime = new FWProcessRuntime(“connection string”, “external user name”);

Creates the FWProcessRuntime object 


Get a Workflow Instance

FWProcessInstance oInst = oRuntime.GetInstance(“id of the instance”); 

FWProcessInstance oInst = oRuntime.GetInstanceUsingName(“name of the instance”);

Gets the Workflow Instance object using the id or the name 


Set Instance Priority

Set the instance priority on the execute method once you create an instance using the API.


Abort a Workflow Instance

Bool bFlag = oRuntime.AbortInstance(“id of the instance”);

Aborts the selected Workflow Instance 


Complete a selected task

Bool bFlag = oRuntime.CompleteTask(“id of the task”, “task return value”, “task comment”);

Completes a given task programmatically 


Extend a selected task

Bool bFlag = oRuntime.ExtendTask(“id of the task”, “number of days to extend by”); Insert your text here

Extends the expiration of a task by a given number of days 


Get a list of Process Instances

Dictionary oList = oRuntime.GetInstances(“created by user id”)

Dictionary oList = oRuntime.GetInstances(“”, “tenant ID”)

Hashtable oList = oRuntime.GetInstances(“execution status”);

Gets all Workflow Instances created by a certain user

Gets all Workflow Instances for a given tenant

Gets all instances based on a selected execution status 


Get the status of the license file

licenseStatus oStatus = oRuntime.GetLicenseStatus(ref “error message string”, ref “license properties”);

Gets the status of the license and the licensing information 


Get all open tasks for Users

Datatable oTasks = oRuntime.GetOpenTasks(); 

Datatable oTasks = oRuntime.GetOpenTasks(“string user id”);

Gets all open tasks for the current user 

Gets all open tasks for a selected user 


Get a selected task

Datatable oTask = oRuntime.GetTask(“task id”);

Gets a selected task using a task ID 


Get task choices Info

List oList = oRuntime.GetTaskChoices(“task ID”);

Gets a list of task choices for a selected task 


Reassign all tasks

Bool bFlag = oRuntime.ReAssignAllTasks(“old user id”, “new user id”);

Reassigns all tasks from one user to another 


Reassign tasks

Bool bFlag = oRuntime.ReAssignTask(“id of the task”, “new user ID to reassign”);

Reassigns a selected task to another user 


Remove a Workflow Instance

Bool bFlag = oRuntime.RemoveInstance(“id of the instance”);

Removes a selected Workflow Instance 


Run the engine manually


Tells the engine to process the next item on the workflow queue