Execute Form Definition With Params

Learn to instantiate the process by executing the form definition

Last published at: June 24th, 2023

Use “Execute With Params” feature to instantiate a new process instance by executing the form definition with parameters. 

Select the form definition from the table and click on View - Execute with Params menu option. 

The UI is rendered in a new page as shown below. The form definition is selected automatically and may be changed if necessary. Select the approprite process definition from the dropdown list to create the new process instance. Select the variable or global variable (existing in the process definition) to store the form instance ID when the form definition is executed. As an alternate, use the “Form Variables” button to store the form instance ID. Select the language from the dropdown list for executing the form definition. Select “Test Mode” if form is to executed as a different user. By default the form is executed as “Admin” user.    

Click on “Copy to Clipboard” to generate and copy the URL to clipboard. Click on “Save Form URL” to create a hyperlink to execute the form with params. A sample URL is shown below. 

Copy To and Copy Short URL sample

http://<FlowWright Server>/Login/FormDefinitions/Render?formDefID=9eca3ad8-fc64-4e79-a724-c9c85441df30&displayHeader=no&mode=submit&workflowDefID=4947c70f-dad3-4090-879e-c9beabad368f&formIDVar=formID&culture=en-US&isTestMode=false&testModeUserID=35635c17-06b5-455b-a1e6-51507c1e971f&formInstID=

http://<FlowWright Server>/Login/?u=TIZE9DBQIL


Click on “Execute” button to start the form definition execution with params. A new form instance is generated and the form is rendered on new page for user input and submission.

A new process instance is created and the status is “Not Started”. After the form is submitted by the user, the process instance is executed by the application. 

Click on the “Form URL” hyperlink sign to execute a new form definition.