Form definition favorites

Use this feature to mark the form definitions as favorites

Last published at: May 2nd, 2024

Mark the form definition as favorite.

This feature marks the form definitions as favorites, and you can view them separately in the Favourites tab.

Select the Form from the list on the Form Definitions page and navigate to the Actions - Favorites - Add menu option as shown below. 


A confirmation message is displayed in the top right-end corner as shown below. 


You can navigate to the Favorites tab to view the list. 


UnMark the form definition from the Favorites tab.

On the Form Definition page, navigate to the Favorites tab and select the Form from the list. Then, click the Actions—Favorites—Remove menu option, as shown below. 


The form definition is unmarked and removed from the Favorites tab, with a confirmation message displayed in the top right-end corner, as shown below.