Server Clustering - Distributed Servers

Last published at: June 21st, 2023

FlowWright fully supports clustering or distributed server processing, where multiple servers are able to serve and process workflows and perform other functionality.  With clustering there are 2 scenarios possible:

  • Make 1 server to serve the User interface and make the other server process workflows
  • Have multiple servers that will perform load balancing, each server serving UI and processing workflows

UI and Workflow process separation configuration

Install FlowWright software normally on both servers.  On the UI server, turn OFF all FlowWright engine services.  On the Workflow server, turn ON all FlowWright engine services and turn off Microsoft Internet Information server(IIS).

Distributed server configuration

Install FlowWright software on both servers normally and make sure all Engine services and the application is functioning.  You can have any # of FlowWright servers configured for distributed processing.  Each server will require a valid FlowWright license.