Learn how to create and manage custom dashboards, access privileges etc.

Last published at: May 28th, 2024

This function lets you create and manage custom dashboards. 

FlowWright Dashboards are powerful tools that enhance data management, improve decision-making, and increase organizational efficiency by providing a clear, real-time view of critical information. FlowWright's Dashboard has built-in data presentation widgets. 

These Dashboard widgets are modular components that enhance the functionality, usability, and effectiveness of dashboards by allowing for tailored, interactive, and visual data presentations. They help users focus on relevant information and make informed decisions based on real-time and easily accessible data.

You must navigate the Administration - Dashboard page to create and manage dashboards. 


Select a dashboard from the list and click on the Utils - Preview menu option to view the dashboard content. 


The dashboard content is rendered on a new page as below. 


Click on the Utils—Show/Hide menu option to view the dashboard as a menu item on the left pane for all users. This feature toggles the display as needed. The end-user can access the dashboard directly from the left pane menu.  You must redo the configuration to hide the dashboard from the left pane menu.  


A status confirmation message is displayed in the top right-end corner.