Configuration of a new tenant

Learn to configure a new tenant

Last published at: May 30th, 2024

With the new tenant database in place, configuring a new tenant is a straightforward process.  Simply navigate to the following menu option:


Upon selecting the menu option, a dialog will appear. Here, it's crucial to provide the hostname and application URL, including this name, as well as a brief description of the tenant. Enabling the connection builder to build the connection string is a key step. Provide the server name and the database name, and if applicable, configure this tenant for Windows Authentication. Your SQL username and password are also needed. Click on the Test button to validate this connection, and then on the Generate button to generate the connection string in the textbox as shown below. 


Once the tenant is created, it should appear in the active tenants list.  Now, the tenant is ready, and you can log in to the tenant.  Access the tenant using the tenant URL. The URL for the new tenant is:


The FlowWright Tenant login screen should look as follows:

Use the default login credentials to log in to tenant1:

Username: admin

Password: admin

Once you log in, the FlowWright UI should be the same as the existing FlowWright UI.  Refer to the “FlowWright Configuration Manager User Manual” for instructions on how to use this user interface and FlowWright features.