Configuration of a new tenant

Last published at: July 25th, 2023

Now that a new tenant database is created, a new tenant can be configured.  Use the following menu option:

The following dialog will be displayed: 

For the name of the tenant, let’s enter “tenant1”.  As you can see the URL automatically adjusted to reflect the new tenant URL.  Next is to define and connection string to the tenant database.  Let’s do this using the “Connection string builder”. 

As you can see above we have provided the connection information to the database server and the tenant database.  In this case, we will be using SQL server authentication, we have also provided the SQL username and password.  Click the “Test” button to test the connection to the new tenant database “FlowWrightTenant1”.

If the connection is successful, then click the “Generate” button to generate the connection string.  Click the “Create” button to create the tenant configuration, as shown below: 

Once the tenant is created, it should look as shown above.  Now the tenant is ready, and you can log in to the tenant.  Access the tenant using the tenant URL, URL for the new tenant is:


The tenant1 login screen should look as follows:

Use the default login credentials to log in to tenant1:

Username: admin

Password: admin

Once you log in, the FlowWright UI should be the same as the existing FlowWright UI.  Refer to the “FlowWright Configuration Manager User Manual” on how to use this user interface and FlowWright features.