Locking process design

Understand process definition locks and how to unlock it.

Last published at: April 30th, 2024

View locked definitions for designing.

The user can view locked process definitions. Process definitions are automatically closed when opened for editing by the process designer. The lock function prevents other users from editing/updating a process definition while it’s been designed by another user. 


When the selected process definition is opened within the process designer, an alert message such as “the user locks definition” will be displayed as shown below:


Suppose another user tries to open the definition used by another user. In that case, an alert message will be displayed indicating that the definition is locked for design by another user and can only be rendered.


The definition lock page displays the process definitions the current user locks.


To unlock the process definition, select it and click the “Unlock Definitions” menu item. The current user can only unlock their process definitions; administrative users can unlock any user’s definitions.