BI Compute Settings

Learn how to set up and optimize a BI compute environment

Last published at: July 20th, 2023

Navigate to Utils - BI Compute menu option

BI compute settings can be configured to automatically compute report data for process definitions and instance for business intelligence reporting. Select the definition and the instance from the dropdown list. Configure the interval duration. Click on the plus (+) sign to add this configuration to the table. The BI report is computed for this definition according to the interval.

All date/times are stored within the database as UTC and displayed based on local timezone of the user. 

Note: Engine runtime data are in ISO + UTC format.

Navigate to Analytics - Business Intelligence menu option. The page is rendered in a new tab. Here you can use the BI services and compute to a future date for your business workflows. The report is shown automatically from the last compute configured above. Click on Compute Summary button to recalcuate the report to the current date time. Select Export To Excel button to save the report for later analysis. Select Copy as Link button to copy the URL to clipboard and later configure the menu item to work as hyperlink from the left menu panel.