Delimiter Configuration

This article will provide an understanding of how to appropriately configure delimiters when working with data.

Last published at: June 21st, 2023

A delimiter is a character or sequence of characters marking the beginning or end of a unit of data. Here, FlowWright allows the user to configure the separators between columns and rows. 

However, the delimiter configuration changes cannot be performed if there are “Waiting” workflow instances.  Replace the row delimiter and column delimiter and perform the replacements as shown below: 

The following message is displayed. Check the checkbox and click the “Process” button:

“Delimiter Configured successfully” message is will be displayed. Now, click on the “Perform Replacements” button using the below UI:

Enter the old row and column delimiter and check the checkbox. Click on the “Process” button.

The row and column are configured successfully with the new delimiters. The newly configured row and column delimiters are shown as below:

<property name="update Variables"><! [CDATA[variable.a^34@variable.b^66]]></property>

Similarly, we can also set/change the row and column separators for a business object by setting the configuration under the BO delimiter configuration section as shown below: