Version - July 27th, 2022

Last published at: August 10th, 2022

Feature Enhancements

21478 API -> get list of wait figures
21432 Set the default Calendar for any culture to be the Gregorian calendar
21433 Render Process Instance: Items -> Forms should show all forms from sub-workflows as well
21466 WF designer comment list should be hyperlinked and navigable
20889 Decision table to use only input fields columns provided when evaluating expressions
21393 Clean up settings and cleanup for generated documents
21400 Synch users should auto set default time zone and culture for users
21423 Generate Id Step: Change Id Type text input to editable dropdown input
21425 Generate Document Step: Should be able to delete the existing templates
21491 Form Definition -> Preview/Render should open only one window instead of multiple windows. Also need to have fav icon for Render/Preview page
21477 Process render search for steps definition and instance
20082 WF Designer search, enter text and press enter to search
21475 License file upload on status screen will rename the file to cDevWorkflow.lic
21476 Synchronize Document Generation Templates
21427 Synchronize feature to sync files into the target server file system


21480 Create PDF Step: Output variable should be full absolute path and add another variable to hold virtual path
21434 BI Projection Reports: Export report into Excel should be xlsx
21444 Get File Attachments Step: Get Attachments when even NO file control ID mapping exists at step
21336 Edit Grid Data column color issues
21404 Form Grid view style- Drop down value lost after submit. 
21418 Forms: sub form adding new row causes initializing all the other forms like file, date, etc..
21487 Render Definition and Instance -> Search image results should be in sorted order
21488 Workflow Designer -> View Comments should be in sorted order
21485  DROPDOWN control is not allowing to select other options in the list when SQL query configured with/without dependent control value
21493 DROPDOWN control with MULTI-SELECT setting checked is not showing values after form submission or render
21494 Form widget category images are not showing and not using the default icon