Version - May 09th, 2022

Last published at: August 3rd, 2022

Features Enhancements

21085 ExecuteNavigateTask Form control
21162 Optimizing form rendering
21165 Critical Path Image Generation -> change API to support dates and icons
21167 Inline editing grid view table and colours
21168 Inline editing grid view table text alignment
21171 Date widget data as ISO format in JS


21120 SQL Step returning different data to what query returns in SQL
21151 Comments DB encoding issue
21157 Regular User unable to create the Definition- Redirects to Login page (V.9.10 &9.12)
21160 Tab indexing not saving
21164 EditGridData - linked drop list controls - not working on LUKE environments
21166 Special characters in task reminders
21169 Login Page forgets redirect when changing language
21170 Previous user info notification seen in the Welcome header section
21177 SQL query dropdown data not saving