Version - July 14th, 2022

Last published at: August 3rd, 2022

Feature Enhancements

21415 If only one auth provider is configured, then directly show the login screen rather than showing a list of available connectors before the login page
21412 Editgriddata : Capture audit log for approve
21410 WF Designer and Forms Designer: There should be only one designer of WF/Forms at a time always, don't open the multiple windows
21409 Process Instance render state in meta data table
21407 Forms designer save should check who the form def is locked to
21406 WF designer save should check who the wf is locked to
21405 File Control form widget changes
21402 WF Designer, create new instance should have a link to render new wf instance
21382 Sub-workflow configure what vars/global to pass back from child to parent
21381 Triggering individual processes from grid data form - next enhancement
21367 Instantiate form step to have an option to use the same form or instantiate new one


21428 Step : GetAttachmentFiles fetching duplicate records
21424 Workflow Designer: All the notification messages are not globalized. 
21422 Menu tasks should be tasks in all cultures as default value, its showing Form Tasks
21418 Forms: subform adding new row causes initializing all the other forms like file, date, etc..

Grid view Form Definition- By adding rows select option in drop down is incorrect and if routed task twice data lost for second task - Render Form Instance data also incorrect.

21413 Culture flag on Login page should remember if the user logout, close the browser and come back again
21411 System variables when used in form for drop down -  not displaying the data in drop down and unable to add Rows in sub-form
21399 Task reminders configured with a negative value renders the TASK REMINDER property with null information