Version - September 23rd, 2022

Last published at: September 30th, 2022

Feature Enhancements

21950 WF Designer email step to have a button to send test email with contents
22070 WF Def validation, flag steps that have return values configured but not used
22549 Synchronize Menu Builder Items
22550 Organization Chart Synchronize


22535 Leave Page alerts noticed on form submission
22546 The user who sync the items, his/her name should appear as UpdatedBy target environment
22548 All the Dashboards are not appearing in Synchronization page to Sync/copy to target Env
22551 Unable to to Synchronize Document Templates, always shows No Items Found error
22552 Custom Menu should show without parenet in left side menu if it the only child while creating in Menu builder
22572 Synchronize Package Process Definitions: Include associated forms to Synch
22575 AD User synch should use user GUID
22585 WF DEsigner is not detecting Variable.v1 = "yes" as invalid expression
22586 Decision step should always return a value of True or False
22588 displayheader condition not working in incognito
22606 Package Form Definitions Synchronization should Synch Form styles as well
22640 Iteration get variables value should remove variable. from name
22644 Execute workflow button cannot calculate in sub form grid
22656 If a form has JS script and styles, and those are not shown in target environment after synchronizing the form definition
22697 Move items to user needs to update more tables and fields
22750 Task Email Notifications when using Approve/Reject buttons