Version - April 05th, 2023

Last published at: April 6th, 2023


24103 Select variables to pass in createExecuteInstance step
24104 Provisions to rename the file with different extension using renameStep
24127 The "Create Execute Process Instance" step to support executing the instance at future time


23619 Update single variable and expression tool expression fails
24087 Numeric minimum and maximum values not precise in FINNISH
24088 Synchronize Dashboard is not noticing changes in the dashboard contents
24089 Workflow designer is failing to save definition if the size of it is > 20 MB
24092 The first iteration of the error step is not able to jump to step
24095 Incorrect BI Report - Loop tasks in a process
24098 ComputeDateTime first step has a bug with computing past dates
24099 Rest API call step was failing on HTTPS
24106 New (and old) mobile device responsiveness issues
24107 Dashboard name not seen by regular user
24108 Numeric text field allows spaces in Finnish
24109 New subform rows make unnecessary gaps
24118 Submit button not working on mobile when dropdown is configured as required and typeahead
24124 Globalization of English text inside the search box of dropdown form control