Version - April 19th, 2023

Last published at: April 19th, 2023


23123 Adjusting RenderTask.aspx to show more of Rendered URL 
24184 Process Definition - Utils - Update Waiting Instances - should work as background process


24105 FlowWright sometimes redirects to unwanted tasks
24132 wordDocGenerator step - file name issues with a dot
24133 wordDocGenerate step - does not use the same font styles from RichTextEditor control
24150 Drop-down lists with multiple options choice activated don't work on mobile devices
24170 SubForm configured as GRID VIEW and HIDE is rendered and stays hidden when not configured as GRID VIEW
24171 Rating widget when render the form instance the given star ratings during form submission is not updated
24174 createUser step is able to create a user without a username when an empty variable is given to it
24182 Process step "excelortxttoxml" does not count actual rows for each worksheet
24183 Dynamic subprocess step misses a key