Version - October 26th, 2022

Last published at: October 26th, 2022

Feature Enhancements

20702 Freeze table headers while showing form widget controls in Show/Hide/Required menu option
20708 Sort the role names alphabetically (A-Z)
20709 New process step (readValuesFromCSVandExcel) required - to read values from CSV and EXCEL
21159 Render form should use Preview Form
21363 Provide the Drop Down lists with Search feature (where missing)
21401 Forms Designer - Create form instance - Edit check box - Display the newly created form instance


20711 CrossBrowserTesting - FireFox - Double click not opening process and form definitions
21158 Form render and preview displaying grid borders for some cells
23475 Menu Builder - Create menu item for Form menu - Drop down lists search option not working
23480 Lookup button auto-fill doesn't update field validation