Remove all instances for a process definition

Learn to remove process instances for a process definition

Last published at: April 30th, 2024

This function permanently removes all existing instances of the process definition.  

All instances for a process definition can be removed by selecting it and clicking the “Remove Instances” menu item. If there are more than the configured threshold value, the remove instance job will execute in the background; otherwise, it will run immediately and refresh the UI. 


Navigate to the Create - Process Definitions page and select a process definition. Then, click on the Actions - Remove Instances menu option. 


Select the instance status from the drop-down menu and click the Remove button to confirm the action. The process instance of this definition is removed according to the selection. 


Note: When the number of instances (8 in this example) exceeds the threshold value of 5 (the background process cut-off configuration), the job is executed in the background with a user notification.