Perform Date Time changes for Time Zone (UTC) updates

Last published at: May 14th, 2024

This is a backward compatibility tool designed to update the earlier versions of FlowWright application database (before v9.10) and make them compatibile with the UTC changes implemented across the following modules of the application. 

  • Database changes
  • Workflow Definitions
  • Workflow Instances
  • Form Instances

This has been created for one time operation in view of FlowWright release upgrade to v9.10. 

FlowWright Administrators with SQL Admin privileges should operate the tool using the following URL. 


The timezone changes page is shown as below. The tool contains a checklist of activities to be performed prior to timezone updates. This includes shutting down FlowWright application services on the app server, database backup and no user activity with the application during this upgrade. 

The activity is a 2-step process initialized by selecting "Start Processing Time Zone Changes" button. 

The duration of the activity from start to finish depends on the database size and volume of definitions / instances to convert. The date time columns are cloned with their values in the same table. The original set of date time columns are converted to their UTC equivalent values.The master variables and globals of date type are also updated to their UTC equivalent values. The date time for the "sleeping instances" are updated to their UTC equivalent values.  A processed list of artifacts (FormInstance, DefinitionSnapshot, Tables, WorkflowDefinition, WorkflowInstance) and their status are displayed in a table when the first step activity completes. A notification alert is displayed to confirm the same. 

The administrator should manually verify / resolve artifacts with "Failed" status. The process is initiated again by selecting "Start Processing Time Zone Changes" button. The "Failed" artifacts are processed again and the table is refreshed when the activity completes. 

The second step process is initiated by selecting "Drop Old Columns" button. The date time updates for the failed status artifacts are processed first. Next the step drops the backup date time columns (having orginal data not in UTC format) from the tables and completes the date time changes for older version of FlowWright database. A notification alert is displayed to confirm the same.

The FlowWright application can now be upgraded to release version 9.10. 

Administrator should restart the application services when the upgrade completes. 


  • This utility is designed for 1-time use and is required in migration of older versions of FlowWright to ver 9.10
  • Executing the tool for the 2nd time peforms the same date time update process and is not advisable if the previous process was successful and complete. The previous notifications alerts are visible on clicking the buttons and this shall execute the process for the 2nd time.