Business processes can talk now

Last published at: July 1st, 2021

FlowWright has tightened our integration with Twilio and our clients call it a match made in heaven.  FlowWright is good at automating workflow processes, Twilio is good at send SMS messages and making voice phone calls, and now you can have the 2 platforms work together seamlessly.

FlowWright provides the following steps out of the box:

What is IVR? IVR is Integrated Voice Response.  It's an automated way to make voice calls and relay voice messages.  An automated process can make 100-1000s of calls and relay messages, but also make those calls based on decisions. 

For example, in an emergency response system, the automated workflow process can determine the severity type, what follow up voice message to send, but also by using the county, determine what emergency phone number to use within the voice message for quick connection.  Processes define the various decisions to send the correct voice message, Twilio then performs the actual voice message.

When developing IVR processes, you want to make sure that the process is not spamming users with voice calls.  Instead of making multiple voice calls, the automated process can aggregate all necessary voices message into one and make 1 single phone call to the user. 

By utilizing the out of the box step for Twillio within FlowWright companies are able to ensure communication is easily automated via calls and SMS. 

Make your automated processes talk using FlowWright.