How To Launch Test Mode In FlowWright For Testing Workflows

Learn to use the Test Mode

Last published at: April 18th, 2024

Workflow automation users are accustomed to building workflows using various steps such as decisions, tasks, email, and more.  They use workflow to route tasks and emails to specific users. In this article, we talk about how using a test environment for testing these workflows, and associated user routing, saves time for teams responsible for delivering workflow solutions. 

Using "Test Mode" in FlowWright allows users to execute the workflow in a mode where all tasks and emails will be sent to the test user instead of the assigned user so that the user (a designer) can ensure steps and notifications are set up as desired before taking a workflow "live".  Test mode is a very useful feature when testing/debugging a workflow because some workflows have many steps that need vetting before going live. This simulation time cuts down on testing time generally, eliminating a two-step testing process and giving a designer a shortcut to verify design efficiency and efficacy. 

Here's an example video explaining how to use this new test mode feature within FlowWright.