Workflow Performance Testing

FlowWright enterprise application performance testing update.

Last published at: April 18th, 2024

How many workflow instances can your workflow engine process? Here are the results of our workflow performance benchmark testing.

Occasionally, during or after a product demonstration one of the questions posed by the meeting attendees is concerned with BMP workflow performance or process throughput. The questions are usually:

  • What are the workflow performance benchmark testing measurements for FlowWright ?
  • How many workflow instances can it process?

The answer to the question of BPM performance, while dependent of the BPM software and the overall quality of the BPM workflow design, is effected on many other factors outside the software.  Another way to say that would be that BPM Performance is based on the total number of workflow instances to be completed every minute, the complexity of each workflow instance, the amount of human interaction or approval steps within each workflow instance and the existing technology infrastructure (available network bandwidth, Server, Computer and associated Hardware) health and performance.

After implementing many BPM solutions for large organizations, I have seen performance issues first hand; some of the performance issues are caused by the following:

  • As the number of instances grow and the data grow, server performance degrades
  • Performance could affect due to network issues
  • Virtual environments not having enough physical computing power
  • Authentication issues from directory servers

Above are some of the issues we have encountered.  Even though there is no concrete answer for pre-determining BPM performance, our product quality performance benchmark testing proves that FlowWright is a that high performance BPM performance engine you were looking for.  Here are the results of our BPM workflow performance testing.


Workflow Performance Testing Results


RESULTS: BPM workflow performance testing executed 10 to 10,000 workflow instances without an error!

We created and executed 10 to 10,000 workflow instances in this BPM performance test.

Our FlowWright high-performance workflow engine was able to process each test without error between 1 to 178 seconds respectfully.