Lookup Data Widget

Last published at: May 14th, 2024


Uses the search term provided to query the lookup data and display in a table.



Let’s build and execute the LookupDataDef example.  

  • Create a new lookup data table by navigating to Create - LookupData page

  • Click on Actions - Create option to create a new Category / add items to selected category

  • Input the relevant details and confirm the changes. The Filter value cannot be repeated if all the row elements exist previously. 
  • Create a new form definition called “LookupDataDef” to use the above lookupdata table. 
  • Select the Open Designer checkbox and click the “Create” button
  • Drag a LookupData widget to the canvas
  • Double-click on the widget to configure the inputs as shown in the below graphic

  • Select Lookup Category dropdown and choose the lookup data by their check box 
  • Click on Save button and Close the popup window
  • Generate a new Form Instance. Navigate to Actions menu and Edit the form instance. The rendered widget will appear as shown in the below graphic