Make the instance sleep for a given time period

Last published at: May 14th, 2024


Puts the instance into a wait/sleeping state, consuming no resources.  Step can make the instance sleep for minutes, hours, days, months…


  • startDate – start date
  • waitNum – how long to wait for?
  • includeWeekends – include weekends for days
  • waitType – type of wait, minutes, hours, days, months… 


  • True – step executed successfully
  • False – step failed to execute 

Usage: Example:

Let’s build and execute the waitDef example.          

  • Create a new definition called “waitDef
  • Select the definition and click the “design” button
  • Drag a wait step to the canvas
  • Connect the dots between the start and wait step 

  • Click on the “wait” step to configure its properties
  • Configure the following values for the properties as shown on the below graphic

  • Save the workflow definition. Create a workflow instance and execute. Workflow will start, go to sleep mode for 5 minutes, and finish executing after 5 minutes.