Version 10.1.3 - February 22nd, 2024

Last published at: February 22nd, 2024


  • Logo file upload fix
  • Fixed real-time these change to UI
  • Fixed theme not loading after changes

Auth Connections

  • Auth connection certificate upload fix


  • Variable/Global date types to use ISO format
  • Milestone step uses previous step date/time if date/time not configured 
  • JsonPath step now computes length for any node
  • Added new step for xml compare


  • Fixed text validation on empty fields
  • Made changes to clear signature control when clearing fields
  • Form definition name check for special characters
  • Fixed Regex validation rules to fire in all scenarios
  • Fixed eSignature control to appear next to the field
  • Added Clear form widget


  • Data table widget column alignment set to right


  • Send message now updates variables and globals with updated values
  • Added complete step with custom validation