clsResetVariablesToInitial Step

Use this step to reset variables to its initial values.

Last published at: December 27th, 2023


Reset variables back to its initial values.


  • None



  • True – step executed successfully 
  • False – step failed to execute




Let’s build and execute the “resetVariablestoinitialDef” example.             

  • Create a new definition called “resetVariablestoInitialDef”.
  • Select the definition and click the “design” button.
  • Define and Configure the following variable types.
  • Drag and connect the process steps as shown in the image above 
  • Click on the "updateVariable" step to configure its "Advanced" properties.
  • Click on the "clsRestvariablesToInitial" step to configure its "Settings" properties. Provide a name to the step. 
  • Save the process definition, create a process instance and execute. The process step should reset the variable values, as configured. 
  • Render the process instance. Click on the process steps and verify the step properties. The "clsRestvariablesToInitial" step should return back initial variable value.