processDefinitionAuditReport step

Use this step to generate process definition audit report

Last published at: June 7th, 2024


This step generates the Process Definition Audit Report.


Helpjuice Info Callout Title

  • definitionID - Enter process definition ID
  • pdfPhysicalPath - Variable / Global to store the output physical file path
  • pdfVirtualPath - Variable / Global to store the output virtual file path


Helpjuice Success Callout Title

  • True – step executed successfully
  • False – step failed to execute 






Let’s build and execute the processDefinitionAuditReportDef example.   

  • Create a new definition called “processDefinitionAuditReportDef”
  • Select the definition and click the “design” button
  • Drag a processDefinitionAuditReport step from the toolbox
  • Connect the dots between the start and processDefinitionAuditReport step 
  • Click on the “processDefinitionAuditReport” step to configure its properties
  • Configure the following property values as shown in the graphic below. The process definition page provides the GUID for all existing items on its page, and this information can be copied and pasted into the input field.


  • Save the process definition, create a process instance, and execute. The Step should generate the process definition audit report for the definition ID selected. Render the process instance and verify the step properties.


  • Use the variable.virtualfilepath to download the PDF audit report and the content sample shown below