Archive Process Instances

Learn to archive process instances

Last published at: September 29th, 2023

The admin user may archive the process instances which are completed, errored or aborted using the following UI.

Navigate to Run - Process Instances page. Select the process instance with is completed from the table row. Click on Utils - Archive menu option. 

Click OK to confirm the action. The process instance is archived and removed from this process instance table. 

An alert notification is displayed for successful action. NOTE: Process instance once archived cannot be undone. 


Navigate to Administration - Archive - Process Instance page. 

All archived process instances are listed in a table. Use the search box to narrow down the result. 

Select the instance row item and click on Remove menu. The selected item or all instances can be removed using this feature. NOTE: The archived instances are removed permanently. 


The feature options to view archived instances are accessible from the following UI. Select the instance row item and click on View menu. 


Render View

The instance is rendered on the same page. Select Utils menu to navigate further into this instance and understand the tasks, forms, messages and business data information. 


Execution View

The instance is rendered on the same page. Notice the execution path used in the process workflow. 



The process instance details like created date, instance start date, globals, variables, executed step and its properties, history, events, runtime information, task reminders, engine alerts and error details are printed as PDF and downloaded to the local folder. A sample image for reference is included here. 



The process instance and its sub-workflows (if any) are rendered on the same page. 


Archival Settings

The duration to archive completed, errored and aborted instances can be configured in the following UI. Provide the duration value and selection the type from the drop down list. 

Click on arrow navigator icon (black color) to view the completed instances in a popup window. Use the search box to narrow down the result. 

Click on the cross icon (red color) to remove the completed instances. Select OK to confirm the action.