Learn how to use system data types and create custom data types.

Last published at: May 9th, 2024

Data types contain system-level and custom data types.  System-level data types are provided with the product.   Custom data types can be built and configured for use within the product.  Data types render a UI control for the step input/property.  

To manage the FlowWright data types, navigate to the Administration—Data Types page. The table below lists all configured data types, namespaces, and the DLL file path. 


Use the Search textbox to narrow the list. Select the data type from the list and click on the View - Render menu option to view the data type UI function. 


For example, the data type “clsCheckListItem" provides a UI to test the feature in a popup window.  The row items are added, checked for modifications during run time, and rearranged in the list order. 


You can watch the videos here to learn more. 

How to build a custom data type for a process step


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