Using the FWEventServiceBus class

Last published at: June 21st, 2023

The FWEventServiceBus class provides all API level methods required for managing functionality within the Event Service Bus (ESB) 

Creating the FWEventServiceBus object

FWEventServiceBus oESB = FWEventServiceBus(string databaseConnectString, string externalUserID, IError Provider oErrProvider = null);

Creates an instance of the FWEventServiceBus API object 


Create an Event Definition

Bool bFlag = oESB.CreateEventDefinition(“event name”, “event category”); Insert your text here

Create an event definition 


Publish an event to the ESB

Bool bFlag = oESB.PublishEventUsingName(string eventDefName, string eventSource, Hashtable oEve ntParms, eventPriority iEventPriority);

Publishes the event to the ESB and the engine will process the event based on the handlers. 


Run the event engine manually


Execute the event engine manually for processing published events