Distributed File Synchronization

Learn how to keep data in sync across multiple devices and locations.

Last published at: July 21st, 2023

DFS – distributed file synchronization is one of the new engines introduced in v9.7, this engine synchronizes files across servers.  For example, if you design a form on server1, add some custom javascript to the form, the custom javascript file resides on server1.   Anyone accessing the form from server2 needs to have this javascript file on server2.  DFS synchronization service will automatically synchronize this file from server1 to server2.  

Navigate to Status - Distributed - File Synchronization menu option. 

The synchronization time interval can be configured using the following settings: 


Distributed file storage connector

Navigate to Status - Distributed - Storage Connector menu option. 

DFS connectors can be configured in distributed environments for access and storage of files.  By default, v9.7 ships a file system connector, so that FlowWright is backward compatible with previous versions of FlowWright.

FlowWright ships with the following default DFS connectors:

  • File system connector
  • Database connector
  • Azure file system connector
  • Azure blog connector

Using the following UI, a default DFS connector can be configured: