Learn how to view and understand license information related to software and applications.

Last published at: September 29th, 2023

License information and the status of the license is displayed.  Click the “EULA” icon to view a PDF version of the “End User Licensing Agreement”.

The above-shown license is for a Standard installation of FlowWright.  In multi-tenant environments, a multi-tenant license is required, add to the items displayed, the following multi-tenant specific items are displayed:

Send license key option enables the user to send the license information to FlowWright Support along with the name and email as shown below:

“Update License from Server” button allows the user to update the license file details from the FlowWright licensing Server.  For this function to work, the server must have access to the internet.  If the server does not have access to the internet, please contact for licensing support. 

Note: The new version runs a Microservice to check the user license and auto-update the license from server, when the new license is available.

“Process Single-Use Code” allows the admin to update the license information based on the single-use code provided by FlowWright support and gets the license from the filesystem or the database and then update / store back to the same location.