Data Bridge

Discover how external applications can integrate with the system by using a data bridge server.

Last published at: June 21st, 2023

FlowWright 10 has a new data access layer that utilizes .Net core technology (DBFactory) to communicate and process queries with MS SQL Server.  This approach also created a problem, cannot communicate with other databases like ProgresSQL, Oracle, etc.  .Net core only has support for few DB connection types and also requires native drivers and clients to be installed.  We already have customers using data access to access other databases such as ProgresSQL, and have to support this existing functionality in the FlowWright product.  To solve this problem, we introduced a data bridge mechanism.

Solution: Is to provide a data bridge as a Windows service that will support the old OLE Db data access, but functionality provided through webservices.  Windows service will run its own webserver hosting these webservices.