Dashboard widget preview

Learn to preview the dashboard widget and the definition

Last published at: May 28th, 2024

This function lets you preview the widget function or the entire dashboard content in run-time. 

Preview the widget function:

You should navigate to the Administration—Dashboard page. Select a dashboard from the list and click the Actions—Design menu option. The Edit menu option lets you modify the metadata, such as the dashboard name and the display order position.  


The dashboard content is rendered in the design view on the new page. Select a dashboard widget on the canvas or drag-drop a dashboard widget from the toolbox on the left. All widgets have functions to edit, preview, and delete the widget from the dashboard definition. Click on the Preview button to view the widget function. 


The widget's function is previewed in a popup window as shown below. Mouse over the More Info link to navigate to the process definitions page. The URL is visible in the bottom left. Click the Close button to return to the designer canvas. 


Preview the dashboard definition:

On the Manage Dashboard page, select the dashboard from the list and click on the Utils—Preview menu option. 


The dashboard is rendered on a new page, as shown below.