ExecuteForm Widget

Last published at: May 14th, 2024


Execute form is able to display a form to the user, once the form is submitted, a workflow instance is automatically created and executed based on the widget configuration.


  • ID/Name - Name of widget generated by FlowWright (read-only field)
  • Execute Form Text - Enter description for Form Text
  • Select Form Definition - Select existing form definition
  • Select Workflow Definition - Select relevant workflow definition related to form definition
  • Select variables to hold Form-ID - Select variable existing in workflow definition
  • Open Windows - Select checkbox to execute and render the form in new window (tick mark)
  • Hide - Select checkbox to Hide (tick mark) 
  • Read Only - Select checkbox to Read-Only (tick mark) 
  • Tool Tip - Enter information to display on mouse hover on form render
  • Styles - Enter the CSS scripts for widget styles
  • Apply Classes - Select between custom classes defined 
  • Save - Save the input values 
  • Delete - Remove this form widget from the designer page 
  • Close - Close the input popup window



Let’s build and execute the ExecuteFormDef example.  

  • Create a new form definition called “ExecuteFormDef
  • Select the Open Designer checkbox and click the “Create” button
  • Drag a ExecuteForm widget to the canvas
  • Double-click on the widget to configure the inputs as shown in the below graphic

  • Click on "Select Form Definition" drop-down and select existing form definition
  • Click on "Select Workflow Definition" drop-down and select relevant workflow definition related to form definition
  • Click on "Select variables to hold Form-ID"  drop-down and select variable existing in the workflow definition
  • Click on Save button and Close the popup window
  • Generate a new Form Instance. Navigate to Actions menu and Edit the form instance. The rendered widget will appear as shown in the below graphic.

  • On Click, the "Execute Form" widget shall render the form based on the configuration and waits for any user input and a Submit button to proceed. The form is submitted successfully as shown in the below graphic.

  • The "Execute Form" widget shall execute the form, create a new workflow instance. Navigate to Form Instance page to view the new workflow instance created automatically.