Dashboard Widgets

Learn about dashboard widgets

Last published at: May 24th, 2024

Dashboard widgets are UI widgets used for building dashboards.  This section lets the Admin user manage dashboard widgets, preview and understand usage patterns, export and import dashboard widgets between FlowWright environments, and globalize and auto-detect for new dashboard widgets. 

You can just navigate to the Administration - Dashboard menu option. 


Select Dashboard - Dashboard Widgets menu option.


The Dashboard Widgets page is rendered as the following UI. 


For FlowWright Multi-Tenant version:

Navigate to the Administration—Dashboard Widgets menu option. The Dashboard Widgets page will be rendered in a new tab. 

The Dashboard Widgets page is rendered with a MultiTenant menu in the Tenant Manager application, as shown below. The menu functions include pushing the widget configurations or changes to selected or all tenants.  


Pushing step configuration to tenants

You'll have to navigate to the Administration - Steps page. 

This function lets the tenant manager globalize all steps across all or selected tenants. A step has globalization data for different languages.  This data is used within the workflow designer to display designer step information using other languages.  Globalization data for the step can be updated using the following menu option.

On the Steps page, select the step and click the Actions—Edit menu option. 


The Manage Step Inputs and Returns page is displayed. The Step properties can be modified, including step inputs and returns.  These changes can be pushed to all or selected tenants.  First, edit the selected step, as shown below. Once the step properties are modified, use the “MultiTenant” button to push the changes to the tenants. 


Likewise, the step inputs and step returns are modified and pushed to tenants using the “MultiTenant” button.